For general issues, you might first try:

  • Restarting your device: you can do this by holding down the Power button on your device, then selecting “Restart” from the menu.
  • Deleting and reinstalling Paradise Bay. If you have connected to the game via Google Play or Facebook, your progress will be saved!
  • Playing the game on a different network connection.
  • Clear your multitasking tray to free up device memory. Launch the Recent Applications Menu and swipe to the right on each app’s preview to close it.

Some further optimization tips:

  • On lower-end devices, try waiting a few seconds before each action to give the game a little more time to load!
  • Always keep your device software up-to-date for the best results. You can check for updates by going to Settings > About Phone > System Update.
  • Also check for any new game updates in the Google Play Store, for fixes and new content!
  • It’s recommended to fully close all applications and turning the device completely off at least once a day.


If you still encounter problems after trying all of the steps above, please contact us using in-game Support via the Settings menu Settings, or at the following link:


The above is Quoted in part or full directly from the Official Paradise Bay FAQ

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